Dianne's Recipes

Most of my recipes serve two people. That's because I cook mostly for me and my husband. If you're cooking for four it should be fairly easy to double the proportions -- I think the recipes are scalable. (If any aren't, let me know!)

Many of the recipes I find in books and on the internet serve 4 or 6 or even 8 people, so I have to do a lot of complicated math to make the right amount, and I find that a bit frustrating. (What's one-eighth of two-thirds of a teaspoon? And I don't know where to buy a one-twelfth cup measure!) So this site is designed for small families that aren't keen on leftovers. Those of you with six children will just have to multiply everything by four. But that's still a lot easier than making the rest of us do fractions.

Chicken Enchiladas

Stuffed Chicken Thighs

Quick Meatless Lasagna

Spinach Lasagna


Filet Mignon with Cherry Sauce

Egg Salad

Baked Dilled Eggs

Rosalie's Apple Pie

Reeder Red Cake

A little bit about the cook.

My name is Dianne Reis, and I am an attorney in Plano, Texas. Please visit my home page to learn more about me and my work!

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